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Healing with Makams (Turkish Music Modes) 

Makam is a system of melodic structures used in Turkish Classical Music and has a complex set of rules for composition and performance. Between the 10th and 19th centuries, makams were used extensively in Anatolian hospitals to support both physical and psychological healing. Throughout history, and now today within the field of music therapy, makams have been a topic of research. In this project we explore and introduce the effects of various makams with interactive performances that we organize at art and yoga studios, hospitals and various other public venues. 

Highlights from the event at Gallery 263, Cambridge (12/08/2019).

Highlights from the event at Third Life Studio, Somerville (3/17/2019)

The Makam Healing Project is a winner of 2019 Passim Iguana Music Fund

Turkish Music Modes Poster
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